Nuhn Industries Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of liquid manure spreaders,
liquid manure agitators, liquid manure pumps, manure hauling equipment and slurry tankers.

 What's New

Fiberglass Tank NEW! Electra-Steer Spreader Line. The smoothest riding tank in the industry!

Lagoon Crawler The Lagoon Crawler is an amphibious pump designed for agitating large lagoons. The pump can drive itself into the lagoon, mix the lagoon as a boat, and then drive itself out when the pit is empty.

Fiberglass Tank NEW! Fiberglass Tank Line. The first tank designed specifically to meet Wisconsin's new IoH weight laws.

Featured Products

Electra-Steer Spreader Line

Fiberglass Spreader Line

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Quad Train Manure Spreaders

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Header Series Lagoon Pumps

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