Lagoon Crawler

Lagoon Crawler

The Lagoon Crawler

The Lagoon Crawler is the world’s first amphibious remote controlled agitation boat. The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler is an amphibious vehicle designed for agitating lagoons. The wheels are able to drop down, giving the vehicle roughly 5 feet of ground clearance. The unit then drives itself into a lagoon, where it turns into an agitation boat. When in the lagoon, the Lagoon Crawler is powered by a quad port, Nuhn Header Series manure pump. 10000+GPM volumes are used to maneuver the pontoon through the lagoon and agitate the solids from the bottom. The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler does not need a priming system. Once the lagoon is emptied, the four wheels are lowered and the machine is able to drive itself out of the lagoon.

The 6" front nozzle is able to crush though thick crusts including ice!

Available with a tandem trailer to get from job to job.

The submerged pump & 4WD system make it impossible to get stuck.

The remote-control system allows the crawler to get 1000' away.

The large aggressive tread tires allow you to easily drive out of the lagoon.

Quad Port Header Pump is able to move over 10,000 GPM!

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Cummins QSB6.7 Engine

270hp @ 2,000RPM, 728lb-ft @ 1,500RPM, 6.7L turbocharged and charge air cooled, Fuel Efficient - 6.5gal/hour fuel consumption, and dual disc clutch, *John Deere available upon request

Drive System

Off-road independent A-arm suspension, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering system, 500/70 R24 Radial Tires, two speed hydraulic wheel drives, high torque mode for crawling out of lagoons, high speed mode for transporting on land

7 Agitation Jets

1 - 6” nozzle on front, 2 - 4” nozzles on rear, 4 - 4” nozzles on sides for steering

Profitable Agitation

The Lagoon Crawler is the best way to agitate lagoons. A better mix will give a higher concentration of nutrients in the manure and will increase crop yield. The Crawler blasts away sand and solid buildup increasing storage and it eliminates the costly expense of additional cleaning out once the lagoon has been pumped out. If you are a custom hauler, your customers will become repeat customers. The Crawler gives your operation an edge over the competition

Complete Wireless Control

All of the machine operation functions are controlled through the remote, 50-hour battery life, Functions: Boat forward/ reverse as well as speed control, boat rotate left/ right, boat shift left/right, drive forward/ reverse, steer left/right, axle raise/lower, agitation gun movements, engine start/stop, engine throttle increase/decrease, clutch engage/disengage.

10" Quad Port Header Pump

10,000GPM capacity, 14" pump inlet, 10" pump discharge, 21" diameter impeller, 4 outlets off of pump housing, tungsten carbide mechanical seal (designed to work in the harshest sand environments, oil bath assembly - requires very little operator maintenance) specifically designed for harsh lagoon environment (pump is submerged in lagoon so it will not lose its prime, semi-open impeller design allows large foreign material to pass through pump)

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Lagoon Crawler Agitation
Header Series Agitation
Header Series Agitation on Lagoon Crawler

The 10" pump reduced the time spent mixing the pit. It breaks through thick crust, and destroys untouchable islands of solids.


Customer feedback claims that the same job takes much less time to complete.


Pumps 10,000 GAL per minute and uses an average of 7 GAL an hour of fuel.

Strongest Sealing Solution in the Industry

The MECH-TC sealing system, exclusive to the Nuhn Header Series, utilizes a tungsten carbide mechanical seal to effectively protect the drive line and bearings. Tungsten carbide is extremely hard and wear resistant, which results in extended seal life in the harshest environments. The sealing system has been designed to withstand sand and other abrasive compounds. The MECH-TC system is designed to withstand tremendous load with three bearings, 2 tapered bearings and one needle bearing. The system is encased in an oil bath for ease of maintenance.

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Lagoon Crawler by Nuhn Industries

The Lagoon Crawler Trailer

The Lagoon Crawler Trailer is designed specifically for the Lagoon Crawler, and is sold as an additional option for easy transportation from job to job. The Trailer comes equipped with tandem axles with duals rated at 10,000 lbs each, and very good electric brakes. Flashing lights are a standard feature along the edge of the trailer for road safety white transporting at night. Trailer comes equipped with fully integrated ramps.


Tandem Axles

10,000 lbs tandem axles, dexter torflex axles, duals (235-85R16 Carlisle radial tires), and electric brakes


Built-in front and rear strobe lights, front and rear signal lights, standard tail/ clearance lights, and 7 prong RV plug

Additional Features

Side rails to help guide Crawler during loading and unloading, built in ratchet straps, wood plank split deck, and permanent safety chain

Making a Splash

What are people saying?
  • Nuhn Industries Lagoon Crawler agitation pump helping customer applicators handle sand-laden manure.
  • A kick-ass looking amphibious lagoon crawler is making waves in agricultural circles.
  • Looking like a cross between a swamp buggy and a Formula One race car, this slurry pit agitation boat made its first public appearance at the 11th annual North American Manure Expo held last week in Guelph, Ont.
  • Finishing up Farm Progress Show has me thinking about cool stuff - and I mean more than temperatures.
  • Nuhn Industries of Sebringville, Ont., built this prototype "lagoon crawler" in time for the North American Manure Expo, held Wednesday at the University of Guelph's Arkell Research Station.
  • Larger manure pits are a challenge to keep agitated so farmers can maximize the nutrients, this handy Lagoon Scrambler was a hot topic at the show.