Pull-Type Alley Vac

The Nuhn Pull-Type Alley Vac makes cleanup quick and easy. One pass down the aisle and everything is collected.


With the flotation tires, the unit can be taken to the field to spread or transferred to a lagoon.


The blade floats on three axis of movement so it is able to follow the contours of an uneven ground perfectly. Unlike stationary blades, the Nuhn blade will automatically tilt forward and back, rotate longitudinally, and up and down.

Alley Vac

Maximum air displacement with minimal restriction, which results in cooler operating temperatures in the harshest conditions.


With the Nuhn patented circulation system, the manure that is collected in the blade is sucked into the tank at the front bottom, and is spread from the bottom rear. This system prevents solids from building up.

Nuhn Vacuum Air System

The Nuhn Vacuum Air System combines muffler, air cleaner, oil catch, automatic air reverse and exhaust under tank, away from operator. The system has balanced air traps for fast pumping, a vacuum pressure gauge, and is protected by a two-stage trap system.


The blade automatically adjusts from 8’6″ to 15’0″ and the blade floats on 3 axis’ of movement. The Nuhn Alley Vac Blade is able to follow the ground perfectly. Unlike stationary blades, the Nuhn blade will automatically tilt forward and back, rotates longitudely, and up and down. This is perfect for uneven terrain.


The ¼” tank with unibody construction, solid welds inside and out, and full circle tensioned baffles are what makes Nuhn tanks unbeatable. The Nuhn tanks are sandblasted to bare metal, moving the mill scale which is far superior to a chemical wash.


The tank has full cross members and a 1/4″ solid construction frame. Nuhn full cross members create a cradle for the tank, and bridge the tank and the two side frame pieces together. Other systems with just the two rails and no cross members have no structural integrity between the two rails. The tank also has extra support where tandem joins the frame.


The long tongue creates better handling, stability, and better visibility. The tank is available with either a clevis or pintle hitch and includes a 7000lbs jack.


The tank has solid alloy spindles, which are welded directly into the main beam, eliminating weak points. Most tanks in the industry have its spindles mounted with a series of several parts on the end of the beam. This tank also comes with large diamond tread tires and has the heaviest axle in the industry.