Electra-Steer VacuumElectra-Steer Vacuum

Unbeatable maneuverability and flotation, with the most advanced steering system on the market

Proven technology from Germany and the most advanced steering system on the market.
The tank is designed to travel the roads at high speeds and delivers an unbeatable smooth ride.
Electra-Steer Vacuum

Available in 6350, 7350, 8500 and 9500 US GAL capacities (custom sizes available), top load, vacuum and injection configurations.

The steer angle of the tanker is automatically restricted with higher speeds, steers while backing up and greatly reduces tire wear.


The Nuhn Vacuum Air System combines muffler, air cleaner, oil catch, automatic air reverse and exhaust under tank, away from operator. The system has balanced air traps for fast pumping, a vacuum pressure gauge, and is protected by a two-stage trap system.

The Magnum Series allows for maximum air displacement with minimal restriction, which results in cooler operating temperatures in the harshest conditions. The uncomplicated design focuses on performance and strength, with no extra moving parts. The Magnum Series of pumps are strong and durable enough to be used in the most demanding applications.

The tank automatically steers and restricts steer angle at higher speeds, in addition to steering while backing up. The precision steering greatly reduced tire wear! Optional Crab Steer Mode available which steers the front and rear axle the same direction to steer up the slope.


The Nuhn Vacuum Arm is the easiest and quickest way to move manure. With its unlimited positions and superior strength, it's easy to move manure from a pit or a truck without ever leaving the cab of the tractor. Over the past 20 years of making Vacuum Arms, the Nuhn Arm has evolved to be the strongest and most dependable system on the market.


Capacity Overall Length Overall Width Ground Pressure Tires Axle Rating
6350 32'11" 10'6" 17.6 psi Trelleborg 850/50 R30.5 33,000lbs
7350 36'1" 10'6" 19.2 psi Trelleborg 850/50 R30.5 33,000lbs
8500 38'7" 11'10" 19.2 psi Alliance 35.5 x 32 R 40,000lbs
9500 41'4" 11'10" 20.3 Alliance 35.5 x 32 R 40,000lbs


Capacity 18 MPH 25 MPH 40 MPH
Trelleborg Twin Radial
6350 US GAL 15 psi 18 psi 32 psi
7350 US GAL 18 psi 24 psi 38 psi
Alliance 393 Radial
8500 US GAL 15 psi 18 psi 20 psi
9500 US GAL 18 psi 20 psi 24 psi
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