Frac TankFrac TankFrac Tank

The Frac Tank

The Nuhn Frac Tank is an industrial level unit for transferring liquid waste from trucks to the field. The unit is ¼” thick to ensure durability and longer life. The heavy duty 18 x 22.5 tires and 3-axis steering system allow for better handling while transporting. The Nuhn Frac Tank’s steering center acts as a universal joint, allowing for 3-axis of movement. The wheels can move up and down independently over rough terrain and the tongue can swivel up and down. The tongue can swivel roughly 240 degrees to allow for the tightest turn radius on a Frac Tank in the industry.

Standard Features

3-axis universal steering system, solid unibody construction, double welded, 1/4″ tank, front and rear axles raised/lowered independently to each other, 6” outlets at all four corners, 8” flange at front, full light illumination kit, unit sand blasted to bare metal before paint, 18 x 22.5 tires, 8’6” wide, 10” load & unload, 10” boom systems, 5-year complete warranty