Oil Vac


The Nuhn Oil Vac has combined the Nuhn design standard of strength and simplicity with innovative air systems and the Nuhn Magnum 600 Vacuum Pump. The Nuhn Oil Vac is an industrial level product. With the heaviest axles and spindles on the market, it is ideal for today’s large operations. With the long tongue, the tractor has more control over the tank. It puts less strain on the draw bar, allows for better turning and rear visibility. The Nuhn Oil Vac is the workhorse of the industry.

Standard Features

Nuhn Air System combines muffler, air, cleaner, oil catch, automatic air reverse, and exhaust under the tank, away from the operator. The heavy undercarriage, axle and long tongue allow for superior handling. The tank is a heavy gauge steel tank with exterior baffles and double welded seams. The Oil Vac has balanced air traps for fast pumping, a full length internal auger, a large 5″ bubble type sight gauge, a vacuum pressure gauge, a pressurized unloading system, high flotation 30.5 x 32 tires, a hydraulic spread valve with a large clean-out door, a vacuum pump protected by a two-stage trap system, and a Nuhn Vacuum/ Pressure Pump with an oil injection system and heavy vanes for industrial applications.