Magnum Quad TrainMagnum Quad TrainMagnum Quad TrainManure Tank QuadMagnum Quad Train

The Quad Train, with its unique and patented coupling system, is designed to perform as a single spreader. The Quad Train tank has the strongest undercarriage in the industry and can be customized for every operator's needs. The workhorse of the industry. 

The design is capable of handling up to 15,000 GAL of manure that turns, backs up, and handles more easily than a single large tank.
Provides in-tank agitation without any moving parts. The system includes a front pump sump and an oil bath sealing system, allowing for a long seal life.
Magnum Quad Train
Creates an even spread from full to empty and volume control while spreading, allowing for additional attachments and a low spread pattern.
The second tank follows in the first tank's track while turning and is easily controlled while backing up. The 11' x 11' wide tank allows for easy road use, while the wide tire spread distributes weight for less compaction.


  • Nuhn Tensionized Baffles ™
  • Solid unibody construction, double welded, 1/4″ tank
  • In-house built hubs and 6″ spindles for the highest quality control
  • Full length frame with cross members
  • Front and rear clean out doors
  • In-tank spray wash system
  • Bearings positioned away from direct contact with manure
  • Full light kit
  • Circular shaped tank keeps center of gravity low as opposed to a mushroom shaped tank with the center of gravity very high
  • 30″ square hole with 12″ riser
  • Three tank clean-out doors