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Row Crop Injector

The Nuhn Row Crop System ensures better use of nitrogen and reduced movement of ammonium, phosphate, pathogens, and other contaminants to surface water via tile drains, because crop roots are actively absorbing nutrients. there is also reduced compaction because the soil is likely drier.

Nuhn Front Pump System

Provides an in-tank agitation system with no moving parts, pressurized unloading system allows an even spread from “full” to “empty”, Volume control feature allows for additional attachments and a low spread pattern


Long Tongue for better weight control and balance, solid one-piece construction, double welded tank, heaviest axle in the industry, bearings positioned away from direct contact with manure, can be ordered to suit row spacing, 18.4 x 26 Tires, straight tandem for better ground clearance, optional hydraulic PTO drive, computerized application control, available in 4000 and 4500 US GAL models