Nuhn’s aggressive research program has produced a wide selection of leading edge injection technology that allows for dramatic yield increases, and at the same time, reduces odour, and surface and sub-surface pollution.

Row Crop Features

  • The Nuhn Row Crop System ensures better use of nitrogen and reduced movement of ammonium, phosphate, pathogens, and other contaminants to surface water via tile drains, because crop roots are actively absorbing nutrients. There is also reduced compaction because the soil is likely drier.

High-Speed Rotary Injector Features

  • Simple, low maintenance design eliminates extra moving parts, wear bushings and additional grease points.

Spike Injector Features

  • The Spike Injector is used mainly on No-Till and grass applications.

S-Tine Injector Features

  • Staggered vibra shank injector tooth, for efficient blending and distribution of manure in the soil

Tapered Disc Features

  • The Taper Disc Injector works in a wide range of applications and it will not plug in corn stocks.