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About Nuhn Industries Ltd.

Nuhn Industries Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of liquid manure spreaders,  liquid manure agitators, liquid manure pumps, manure hauling equipment and slurry tankers. Known for innovative and high performance equipment, Nuhn is acknowledged world-wide. While Nuhn's products are being shipped internationally, the headquarters remain in Sebringville, Ontario. Learn more about our History.

More than one hundred years ago, Simon Nuhn opened a blacksmith shop in Wartburg, Ontario, Canada. Since then, much has changed as Simon's small blacksmith shop evolved into Nuhn Industries Ltd., an international manufacturer of liquid manure equipment. In 1984, Nuhn Industries Ltd. moved to its current location near Stratford, Ontario. Since then, five additions have been built on the factory. "Our business has survived two world wars and the Great Depression," says Dennis Nuhn, President of Nuhn Industries Ltd. and grandson of Simon Nuhn, "We give credit to our loyal customers for our continued growth and prosperity". Dennis continually redesigns his products to maintain Nuhn Industries Ltd.’s reputation as a leading innovator in the industry. He strives to provide today’s farmers with the largest capacity, most efficient and most reliable equipment. Today, Nuhn Industries Ltd. continues to expand and increase its market share throughout North America, Latin America, Japan and Africa.

The Nuhn Industries Fleet. Nuhn will deliver your products ready to use, and custom haul parts. (Shown above)


Nuhn Industries StaffSebringville, Ontario

Dennis Nuhn, President, with his team at Nuhn Industries Ltd.