Now introducing the Lagoon Crawler

The Lagoon Crawler is the world’s first amphibious remote controlled agitation boat. After being created in 2014, the demand for the Lagoon Crawler has rapidly increased, with over 175 in the market today. The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler is an amphibious vehicle designed for agitating lagoons. The wheels are able to drop down, giving the vehicle roughly 5 feet of ground clearance. The unit then drives itself into a lagoon, where it turns into an agitation boat. When in the lagoon, the Lagoon Crawler is powered by a quad port, Nuhn Header Series manure pump. 10000+GPM volumes are used to maneuver the pontoon through the lagoon and agitate the solids from the bottom. The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler does not need a priming system. Once the lagoon is emptied, the four wheels are lowered and the machine is able to drive itself out of the lagoon.

First Crawler

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