In Row Manure Injector With 9,000 USG Tank

Check out the largest in-row manure injector in the world at 9,000USG; a tank designed to be able to go through 30″ high corn without ever touching the crop!

More About the Tank and Manure Injector

The tank shown in the video is applying dairy manure at approximately 5mph, at a relatively high rate of 12,000GPA. Their 1200′ long fields worked out perfectly, as the tank was empty at the end of each pass.

A fold-forward injector bar wide enough to cover 12 rows is equipped with this tank.  Section control is another great feature with this injector; it allows the operator to leave the left or right wings up (or both). Flow to the row units on the wings are automatically shut off when the wings are raised. This allows the operator to maintain their application rate for longer fields.

The narrow version of the Nuhn High Speed Rotary Injector was used on this bar (13″ overall width vs the standard 18″).

Call today more information on in-row manure application, as we have been doing it for more than 30 years!