Fendt 1042 hauling a Nuhn 14,000 Quad-Steer

Nuhn 14,000 Quad-Steer

Check out the new Nuhn 14000 Quad-Steer! Designed to easily haul large capacities, the Quad-Steer makes no compromises, so optimal handling, maneuverability and flotation are not sacrificed!

An optional auto-greaser, air inflation system, 8″ unload pump, weight transfer cylinder, dual lids and 12 – 35.5×32 radial tires are all options equipped to make this a fully loaded Quad-Steer!

Get more accomplished in a day with our 8″ high volume spread system that can unload up to 4300GPM through a 6″ spread nozzle!
5″ nozzle – 3400GPM@50′ spread width
4″ nozzle – 2700GPM@70′ spread width


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